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They Couldn't Understand My Cowboy Songs
(Chris LeDoux)

I left home with a suitcase
My songs and my guitar
Headed down to Nashville
Gonna try to be a star
The Nashville folks they made me feel
Like I was right at home
But they couldn't understand my cowboy songs

They said son you've got potential
And we'd like to see you stay
But you've gotta change your style
'Cause cowboy songs don't sell these days
I tried my hand at cheatin' heart
And cryin' in my beer
And I think about home and wonder
What am I doin' here

I'd really like to thank ya'll for your hospitality
You know I really mean it
You've been mighty good to me
But this ol country boy ain't where he's suppose to be
And this Wyoming cowboy
Don't belong in Nashville, Tennessee

Well there's just too many miles and styles
Between us I suppose
The kind of songs I'm singin'
Won't fit in down here I know
I kind of got the feeling
It was time to move along
When Ed Bruce sang The Last Cowboy Song
So I'm going back to the country
Where the west is still alive
Where cowboy's ride the prairie
And the mountains touch the sky
I pack up my old guitar
And I'll be on my way
But before I go I'd just like to say


Well this Wyoming cowboy
Don't belong in Nashville, Tennessee



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