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Too Old To Play Cowboy
(D. Morrison, D. Kirby)

Boots spurs and a pearl handle cap pistol
And a gold mine that dug in the sand
I rode the fence line in her backyard each day
On a stick horse I called old Dan
One day my mamma she called me aside
And said you can't be fourteen again
There's not enough gold in your lost canyon mine
To keep you from being a man

You're a little too old to play cowboy
Well its high time you made a change
So kick off your boots and bed down your horse
'Cause there ain't no home on the range

A wife a son and a job at the factory
But that never was really me
So we loaded up our old pickup truck
To go where I wanted to be

A rodeo clown picked me up off the ground
At the Cheyenne Frontier rodeo
That was the start of breakin' her heart
She said you'd think a grown man would know


Bologna and beans were within our means
And a hamburger once in a while
A new pair of jeans is the answer to dreams
When you're livin' rodeo style

One day my boy said I don't want toys
Just a friend to satisfy me
And I knew right then I'd come to the end
When the tears in his eyes said to me

CHORUS X 2 to fade



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