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Tweedle Dee
(Chris LeDoux)

He wore a purple shirt a yeller neck tie
Some high heal boots that come knee high
Crocket spurs hangin' off his feet
The hair across his forehead was combed real neat

He had himself a saddle an old Ham lee
He placed it on the back of that Tweedle Dee
Measured off his hack reign with a piece of hair
Just by lookin' you could tell he was scared

Tweedle Dee
Oh Tweedle Deeeee
You could tell by lookin'
He's scared of that Tweedle Dee

Well his chaps are glued up and so is his cack
And that ol pine rosin was a drippin' from his face
He had his saddle covered so the judges couldn't see
He's glued up ready for this Tweedle Dee

Tweedle Dee
Oh Tweedle Deeeee
He's glued up and ready
To ride this Tweedle Dee

All the bronc riders said he's a might rank horse
And many good cowboys' he has tossed
But when you come right down to it
Its pain to see he ain't nothin' but another Tweedle Dee

Tweedle Dee
Oh Tweedle Dee
He ain't nothin' but another big balute
He's a Tweedle Dee


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