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When The Rodeo Comes To Town
(Chris LeDoux)

Most of the time, things are pretty sublime
In this little one horse town
Well they close all the stores and they roll up the steets
When the evenning sun goes down
But the fourth of July, flags will be flying high
As folks come from miles around
They'll be roarin' all night 'till the dawns early light
When the big rodeo comes to town.

Well there ain't no top names of rodeo fame
No Tibbs nor Larry Mahans
Just some local cowboys out to make 'em some noise
But they know everyone in the stands
They're clean and they're wild with tobacco stained smiles
And they dont care if they make a dime
If they win or they lose well they don't give a hoot
They're out just to have a good time.

There's cowboys and ladies and old folks and babies
And young girls with stars in their eyes
Flashy bronc riders and whisker'ed old timers
Tellin' their stores and lies
There's cold beer and Brandy and pink cotton candy
When it's all over they'll all head on down
TO the rodeo dance some midnight romance
When the big rodeo comes to town.

The bands playing loud to that dance hall crowd
As boots stir the dust on the floor
At the bar they're playin' old Willie and Whalen
As beers disappear by the score
But hangovers I'll bet they'll soon forget
When the next year comes rollin' around
They'll be at it again with all of their friends
When the big rodeo comes to town.


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