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Working Cowboy Blues
(Chris LeDoux)

Discouraged is the word
Theses days at homes acros the range
The livestock markets down
And it don't look like it's gonna' change
Nobody's found a cure for what we are goin' through
But I'll tell you boys just what I'm gonna do.

Well I'm gonna saddle up old paint right after shipping time
Ride out on the mountain among the aspens and the pines
Take along my fishing pole and leave my cares behind
And find myself a little piece of mind.

I'm gonna ride up on the mountain
Live like a mountain man
Lay my body on the ground eat from a fryin' pan
I know it's not the answer
But I'm gonna try to lose
These dog gone low down workin' cowboy blues.

Well next year it might get better
Aw thats what they always say
But I've seen a string of next years come
And Lord, they're all the same
But as long as there's a mountain, someplace to get away
Well this old cowboy just might not go insane.


These dog gone low down lonesome workin' cowboy blues.


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