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You Bring Out The Beast In Me
(Chris LeDoux)

Well ... Way down inside every man there's an animal
He's hiding somewhere deep in his soul
Well most of the time, well he's hard to find
And I can keep him under control

But when the sun goes down and the moon comes around
Starts shining down thru the trees
One look in your eyes and it's hello mister hyde
Well you you bring out the beast in me.

Now could it be the moon or maybe your perfume
That affects me the way that it does
Or could it be your eyes in star lit Summer skys
Make this wild man fall in love

I'ed like to play it cool
Don't want to look like a fool
'Cause a man has got to have some dignity
But you go walkin' by and Lord I lose my mind
You bring out the beast in me.

It seems everytime I get myself back together
And I've got him back down where he belongs
I climb down from a tree and get back on my feet
Well that's when you come along.

Then my heart goes to beatin' and my knees start to weaken
And I tremble and I can't hardly breath
Well I can't hold him in 'cause here he comes again
You bring out the beast in me.


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