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I found this in my Chris LeDoux Songs Of Living Free LP written by Chris's producer, his dad, Al LeDoux.

Dear Rodeo Fan,
We had hoped to get these albums in the mail by June 15th but production delays just held us up.
You might be interested in the steps involved in having a record album made.
After Chris's last recording sessions at Ray Steven's Studio in Nashville - the end product was a master tape of the songs. We take these to a record manufacturing plant where they make a master record (quite a tedious and exacting process). A temporary record is pressed and given to us for our critical review to see if all is correct. Meanwhile we work on the design of the cover. This album cover was done by Nashville photographer Marshall Falwell. We gave him Chris's college saddle and some bareback rigging plus Chri's beat up guitar he'd lugged around on the college circuir and asked Marshall to come up wiht a "still life". He tried two studios but couldn't get things just right so went out in the country from Nashville and found the old barn. Chris's picture on the front of the album was also done by Marshall - the week Chris was in for recording.

The cover is then turned over to a printer who uses the pictures and the layout and copy we have provided - to make a proof. Several proofs are usually required before things are just right.
Hope you like the cover - and the music.
-Al LeDoux
(Chris's Dad