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Chris LeDoux Songbooks

Are the best books for Chris LeDoux fans to learn how to play over 100 of his songs.  The book came complete with old pictures, lyrics and guitar tabs.  All the lyrics from the book are posted on the Discography page and you can find some songs with the chords on the OLGA Search Engine.

UPDATED: Full Songbook PDF's now availible

I continue to get a lot of requests for Sheet Music for "Look At You Girl" but unfortunately all we have found is this for the Guitar. We have yet to find piano or harmonica music. If you do find some please let me know :)

Songbook Vol1

Song list Volume I

Chords & Tabs Vol I

Songbook Vol 2

Song list Volume II

Chords & Tabs Vol II

Songbook Vol 3

Song list Volume III

Chords & Tabs Vol III

These songbooks were once available from:
Country Joe's
3380 S. Redwood Rd.
West Valley City, UT 84119