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The Western Underground Band

Western Underground Band


After sixteen years as the driving, rodeo rock 'n' roll sound behind legendary Chris LeDoux, Western Underground hits the road to create their own identity, and to pay tribute to their longtime boss, mentor and friend. Filled with LeDoux’s powerful and energetic music, the show reaches out to fans and gathers everyone in for a night of great sounds, good memories, and a glimpse of the future.

“We wanted to do mostly Dad’s songs for the first year or so”, said Ned LeDoux, one of two drummers with the band, “but still give the audience a taste of our own music too.” Country singer Dustin Evans was invited into the band to cover the majority of the vocal work, bringing with him some great songs, an incredible voice, and a charismatic stage presence all his own. Keyboard player Bobby Jensen and guitarist Mark Sissel have been with the band since it’s inception, along with longtime drummer KW Turnbow and bassist Lyle Evans, together create the powerful sound of Western Underground.

Carrying on the traditions and values that Chris was all about is key to Western Underground’s approach to performances. Always giving the fans what they’re used to, while inviting them along on a new adventure...

...reprinted from The Gallatin County Virtual Town Hall

"From Western Underground's tribute with Toby Keith at the Cheyenne Frontier Days to the outrageous performance with Garth Brooks in Times Square of "Good Ride Cowboy," a smash hit about Chris LeDoux and Western Underground, this band continues the excellence. After all, they learned from The Best. Western Underground must be seen!

-Bob Romeo
Executive Director
Academy of Country Music

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Mark Sissel
lead guitar, vocals

Ned LeDoux
drums, percussion

Bobby Jensen
keyboards, vocals

K.W. Turnbow
drums, percussion

Lane Turner

Lyle "Pops" Evans
bass guitar, vocals


Shayne Fletcher
production manager

Mike Browning
sound engineer

Bill Blanchard
video engineer

Will LeDoux